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Aug 17, 2007

Vitamin Water

. Aug 17, 2007


I am buying pork buns in Famima Super Convenience Mart tonight. A young white couple walks down the aisle, holding hands. Both wear all black; the boy is tall and lanky with black hair, bangs hanging over his eyes and sideburns down past his ears. The girl is pale, lips blackened, heavy dark eyeliner, black hair with purple streaks and a small peace sign tattooed on her forehead. They approach the refrigerated beverages and each take a can of "Rockstar" energy drink.

Girl: Ha, vitamin water. My mom wouldn't let me drink those.
Boy: She's a stupid bitch. Frickin' nag. Don't matter what she thinks now, right? Take one. Take two.
Girl: Geez, relax.
Boy: What?
Girl: No, I'm just saying.
Boy: Relax? Why didn't you tell her to relax?
Girl: Come on. She just said there's tons of sugar and -
Boy: Whatever.
Girl: Come on. Come on, baby.

The girl extends her hand. The boy doesn't take it.

7 Whispers:

Lynn Emery said...

Brings back adolescent memories, yeah same guy different decade.

Charlotte said...

This is such a great idea for a blog. I am so impressed with how observant and what a good listener you are. Tons of inspiration!


Piping Girl said...

interesting dynamics between the two, your writing captures it perfectly!

DeathSweep said...

ahhhh...the young.


Bob Johnson said...

Hey, you got me converted, I was getting groceries Saturday and was listening to an older couple talk about getting some garbage bags, he says no they have plenty, she says, sure?, he says I said we have lots!,she says ,I'm not comming back, he walks away, down the other isle, before your blog I would never have thought to listen in. thanks.

Vienne said...

Hi Bob! I wonder who was right about the trash bags? My friends are amazed at the things I hear. It's really just a matter of silencing your own thoughts and just listening to life going on around us.

the idealist said...

that's classic youth rebellion. I hate my parents, but I hate your parents more, cause they hate me...


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