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Aug 6, 2007

Hello? Goodbye.

. Aug 6, 2007


I am sitting close to an older lady at the pool today, maybe mid-50s, Caucasian. She is very tan, with an orange tint. In fact, she's head to toe hues of orange. Her hair is yellow-bronze-orange-red, curly and shoulder length. She wears red lipstick and nail polish on toes and fingers. She has a water bottle with a straw but I don't think it contains water. She wears a pink tankini with a belly chain. The whole look just cannot be denied. About an hour into my stay her cell rings, the ring tone is "Brick House".

"Ah, yes. Hi Jerry."
"Not a lot. Enjoying the sun. You?"
"Really? Hmmm. Well, that's exciting."
"Hahaha. You're kidding. Isn't that a kick?"
"Pardon? Oh, no, no I really can't. I've got to be in early tomorrow."
"No, really. I'm sorry. You call me next time, alright Jer?"
"Okay now, well I've got to take a dip. It's hot today. Bye bye now."

The cell clicks shut. She sighs, rubs her face, shakes her hair out.

"I've got to change my number", she says to no one in particular.

10 Whispers:

People in the Sun said...

That was good. Obviously, she didn't immediately get into the pool.

Piping Girl said...

I just found your blog, I had to eavesdrop like this for a creative writing class, neat blog idea!

Vienne said...

Hello visitors! No, she didn't get in the pool for the remainder of my time there. She's an interesting one. Hope she's out there again this weekend!

Piping girl - Where did you decide to do your eavesdrop assignment? Hear anything good?

Lynn Emery said...

I'll bet this lady is a goldmine for writers who eavesdrop.

Vienne said...

Hello Lynn, for sure - I was pretty fascinated with her. I would love to check out her closet and her marriage history.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"very tan" Is this how you speak in American?

Vienne said...

Hi Jeremy, not sure what you mean..."very tan" is English for skin browned from the sun. I see you're in London, so are you pulling my leg?

Piping Girl said...

I just went to a coffee shop and heard nothing that was memorable so I haven't tried it since. Your blog has inspired me to give it another go though.

~Deb said...

Haha-----sometimes we have to step back and tell them we're 'taking a dip'! This is too funny!

Robert said...

I love your style. Really great blog.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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