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Aug 14, 2007

Snake Eyes

. Aug 14, 2007


I spent last weekend in Vegas, an eavesdropping mecca. While enjoying one of many craps games, this:

A man walks up to the hook spot on my right. He is maybe 70, gray-haired, clean-shaven and smiling through jaws clenching a big cigar. He wears khaki shorts, a short sleeve button down that says, "Bullhead" on the pocket, athletic socks pulled half way up his calves and bright white tennis shoes. A gold medallion shaped like Texas hangs from his neck, in a tuft of gray chest hair.

There is a girl on his left and a girl on his right. They are both exceptionally well-endowed. Not by mother nature, I'm fairly certain. Each hold a beer. Both are blond with very white teeth and glossed lips. One has bright pink nails and a most obvious nipple ring, the other a french manicure. The man lays down a stack of bills. The dealer counts out $5,000, pushes out a pile of black chips and a handful of purple:

Dealer: How are you doing, Wade?
Wade: Real fine, real fine!
Pink: Ha ha ha!
Wade: These are my new friends! Ain't they a hoot?
Dealer: (Smiles)
Pink: C'mon baby! Get hot! Ha ha ha! You're so cute!
French: Yeah! Get super smoking hot, Wade!
Wade: You bet! What numbers do you girls want?
Pink: I want those hard ones. Ha ha ha!
French: I want ALL the numbers Wade! I can't choose. Ha ha!
Wade: You heard 'em boys! Four hundred hard for her and all across for this one.
Pink: Ooooh and the snake eyes, too! A purple one! We love you, Wade!

The shooter rolls the dice, wild-eyed. Seven out. The stick men stack the chips away. Best I can tell, about $1500 is Wade's. Wade laughs. The gals don't.

7 Whispers:

Lordmanilastone said...

hi vienne, this reminds me of the days when i got so addicted to gambling, good thing i learned how to blog, it's been over a month since i set foot at the casino, you are a keen observer and i am really in awe with your writing style^^

Lynn Emery said...

Soon the money will be gone and so will they. Wish I could eavesdrop on the two "hooters" and what they have to say

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Delightful blog!!!
Addictive. :D
Who needs to go to Vegas when we can come here!!! But what ever happened to "what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas"?


Piping Girl said...

awesome details!

Vienne said...

Lynn, "Hooters" - what a perfect name, literally.

Nature, I know..I violated the Vegas code. But I think it only applies to your friends!

Joe Midway said...

Love the blog! I hope I get this lucky/unlucky in two weeks when I go to Vegas lol j/k Some of the characters around there are quite humorous. Thanks for the laughs ;)

Rolando said...

You had me at two blondes, hahaha. Great and funny story.


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