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Aug 21, 2007

So Many Beers, So Little Money

. Aug 21, 2007


I am at the end of the cheese aisle, fingering aged cheddars. I hear conspiratorial talk in the next aisle, the refrigerated alcohol section. The voices are young males. Bottles clink. I drop my cheddar and roll around the corner, busy myself going through my coupon envelop.
The boys look newly 21. They are white, clean cut, dressed in jeans. One holds a jumbo bag of Tostitos tortilla chips, another a tub of guacamole and the third a big frozen pizza. With free hands, they browse the bottled beers:

Pizza: We've gotta get Corona. It's the beer you're supposed to have with chips and guac.
Chips: No way man. Corona's boring. And it's Mexican. We should get a German beer. Germans make the best beer.
Pizza: How do you know? You're not German.
Chips: Haven't you ever heard of Oktoberfest, you moron?
Guac: Oh yeah man! We're getting this one. Look - its got a skull on it! Ha ha! Whoooo!
Pizza: That's dumb. You don't buy a beer for the logo.
Guac: Oh like you've bought so much beer.
Pizza: Look, we only have $10 after food. We're definitely getting this one. It's two for $4.00 and look how big it is. It's 40 ounces!
Chips: Hey we can get four for $8.00, that's one extra!

All three smile in agreement. Two each take a 40 and the other balances two on the pizza box.

11 Whispers:

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Your eavesdropping antics are precious. I looove the stall with the coupon envelope. :D

You are such a character!!!

Hugs, JJ

E-Babe said...

I hope they didn't get that new Miller Chill brand. It's lime and salt flavored and it is horrendous. I tried a bottle Sunday night and it ruined my dinner.

~Deb said...

And people wonder why I'm gay! (hehe)

Incurable Insomniac said...

Here, the conversation would have included, "Man, no. It's only three-two."

Others in the so-called Dry States know what I'm talking about.

The Writing Nag said...

I so enjoy reading your the restaurant I overhear some great conversations but I love how you weave them together with with descriptive words and actions.

DeathSweep said...

Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful ears?! I love your blog!


Vienne said...

Thanks very much for your generous compliments! I do enjoy observing people and the glimpses I get into their lives.

Mara said...

May I feature your blog in my blog? I love reading your blog - it's like having dessert before dinner :)

Vienne said...

Yes, of course, Mara! I admire your creative work on your blog. Thanks for the dessert analogy. I love dessert!

Mara said...


Happily Anonymous said...

Nothing like a meeting to make sure you're getting the biggest bang for your buck when you're on a budget.


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