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Aug 23, 2007

A Quarter Right

. Aug 23, 2007


I am in my doctor's waiting room early this morning. I take a seat and look around. No one is talking much. I do notice an older couple canoodling a bit in seats across from me, near the office door. They are black, perhaps mid-70s. The man is bald, wears a white linen shirt, white slacks and brown sunglasses. The woman has peppery short hair and wears a denim shirt with beach balls on it over red capris.

The man rests his hand on her knee, gently moving his thumb back and forth on the fabric. Her arm is linked through his. I am caught staring. She looks over her red-rimmed glasses and smiles at me. It's a real one, not a tight, quick purse. I return the smile and look away, embarrassed.

The nurse calls a name. This couple rises. The woman steps forward and the man, who has placed his hand on her shoulder, sweeps a white cane before his first step. As they reach the office door, the woman says, "Quarter right" loudly but not annoyed. He turns toward her just enough so both pass through the doorway together seamlessly. She glances back and smiles again at me.

She is proud of him, I can see it. I am certain he feels it.

9 Whispers:

Keli said...

This is a nice, observant description. I think in this way, many writers find material to work with, including myself. I don't know where I'd be without eavesdropping.

Bob Johnson said...

I realy enjoy your writing, you make everyday happenings that we all have gone through, more interesting.

Nicole said...

Wow. First, I love your blog, because of its sincerity and honesty and well, quite frankly, I like people watching too, and your blog has plenty of it :D However, I really liked the clairity and beauty in this particular post. Beautiful.

Lovebabz said...

I thought this was a charming story. I wonder if they weren't Black would you have said they were white or jewish or whatever? Just my observation--not a judgement or condemnation. I like your blog--it is way cool.


Vienne said...

Hi Babz, I describe the context that helps me remember the moment, which usually includes, race, some physicality, clothing and then the words. Religion isn't as apparent as race, age, gender, etc., so I likely wouldn't know that.

Happily Anonymous said...

Very nice post. I think everyone could only hope for the love and respect they apparently have for one another.

Jolly Green Girl said...

That's beautiful. Thanks for sharing that. It really made me smile.

Eddie said...

I had little appreciation for eavesdropping until I was in a hospital waiting room, in the maternity ward with expecting dads. What unfolded in front of me in that room, between an expectant father and his "best friend" changed my mind forever! Great Blog! Love your writing style…have linked you for inspiration.

kml said...

Beautifully written! Love your blog!


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