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Aug 29, 2007

True Love

. Aug 29, 2007


I hear two male voices laughing at the Xerox machine just outside my office today, a wonderful configuration for listening. People talk louder when it's copying and it's easy to hear. I don't recognize either voice. One is wheezing more than laughing. They are joined by a third male:

Voice 3: What's the joke? Huh? Give it up.
Wheeze: Oh...frick man! sick bastard!
Voice 2: Beautiful! It was beautiful execution. I ripped one in the elevator with my rook. I told him inhale it and love it!
Wheeze: Ahhhh! (wheeeze) and then this gal gets in on the second floor and she looks around and you can just see...
Voice 2: Yeah, it was beautiful timing! I rolled my eyes at her and looked at my rook. She looks at him and he is just staring straight ahead, man. He is dy-ing!
Wheeze: Oh yeah, the best 'vator sting yet. You sick bast!
Voice 3: You think that's great? I'll tell you what. My girlfriend loves to crack one off! Ha! Can you believe it? She thinks it's funny! Ain't no other, man. I got the last one. That's true love, a girl like that.

The Xerox stops. A few coughs and sputtered laughs, then they are gone. Nothing remains, but I take my Fabreeze air freshener and spray it anyway.

11 Whispers:

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

I would have sprayed the guy!!!

Why is it grown men are soooo fascinated with body functions??? Sounds like one woman too, or maybe the girl friend has a competitive streak. LOL


E-Babe said...

Yeah, nothing is as hot as a farting girl. Lucky bastard!

Miriam said...

Vienne, I've nominated you for the "Nice Matters" Award on my site, &Etc.

Lisa McGlaun said...

Isn't that We think we need to dress up, wear make up, get surgery to "lift" things and all it takes is enjoying a good fart with your beloved!

Who knew!

Thanks for this,

Mara said...

This post "blew" me away, ha ha!

Bob Johnson said...

Funny, hey Vienne I'm going to get groceries tomorrow, see if I can eavesdrop on some unsupecting people, I'll report back.

Vienne said...

Right on, Bob! I've had pretty good luck in the alcohol and pet food aisles. People get chatty in browsing the canned cat food.

Leann I Am said...

Wow! I just found out that I'm a CATCH!!!


I live in a pretty small community and this kind of eavesdropping is more difficult for me. It's hard when you KNOW the people you are eavesdropping on!

Thanks for sharing these!

Vienne said...

I hear ya, Leann! I still think it's funny when people fart. Something I never grew out of and never will! Let me clarify, accidental toots are hilarious. Blatent, ongoing explosions can make me turn up my nose, literally!

cardiogirl said...

I love these vignettes! So much I stumbled you. Good job!

p.s. Found you over at Blogcatalog

Vienne said...

Hello Cardiogirl, thank you very much for the stumble. I'm humbled!


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