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Oct 1, 2007

Queen of Hearts

. Oct 1, 2007


I am in the emergency room with a family member today. It's warm and the air is a bit foul. People of all varieties pack the waiting area. Some look miserable, others worried, a few bored. The automatic doors whoosh open and closed again and again. A health care worker cups her hands and calls names above the din, there's no microphone. My relative is called. We go through vital signs and more questions in a tiny room. Then we are ushered further to an area with gurneys separated by blue curtains. The nurse settles us in and we wait for the doctor. After more questions, some pokes, prods and measures, another patient arrives on the other side of our curtain. Besides the nurse, there are two voices, an older woman's and a man's cracked with age and frequent, raspy coughs.

I would never disclose someone's private medical conversation, but I'll share with you tender talk that I hope I will speak myself someday, or more dearly, hear from my own husband:

Nurse: Okay folks, let's see what we can do here. You know the drill...
Man: I sure do, honey. I'm your best customer!
Nurse: (laughs) You sure are and we love you.
Man: Watch out, my wife's right here...
Woman: Come on now, stop joking honey. Rest your lungs.
Nurse: Alright, let's start the questions. (After many routine questions and answers, and nearly as many coughs and hard breathing - ) Have you fallen recently?
Man: Yes. In love.
Woman: Oh yeah? With who?
Man: Next week is our 61st anniversary.
Nurse: Wow! That's something to celebrate.
Man: We're going to have burgers from "In and Out". I took her to a burger joint for our first date. She stole my heart over a cheeseburger. She's my queen of hearts.

His voice cracks, but it's not from coughing.

13 Whispers:

Poom said...

When I saw the headline, I felt like I'm going to read some love story. But when I read the first sentence that you were in emergency room. I felt of sad story to come.

But The greatest part of the whole story is the conversation you eavesdropped. It is very romantic :)

I hope I'll say it someday, too. I'll say it to my dearest.

Thank for the good post Vienne. Keep good work!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww...61 years and still in love. This is a precious moment. Thank you for sharing it with us.

The Writing Nag said...

beautiful especially you're last line.

deathsweep said...

What can I say...just beautiful.

Leann I Am said...

Awww...that makes my heart happy.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...


Hugs, JJ

kml said...

Simply beautiful!

PS- hope your family member is doing better.

CQ said...

Thats very touching. Hospitals can be very hard places to visit in any circumstance, so its such a pleasant change to hear as sweet a story as that. Thank you.

Vienne said...

Hi everyone, it was a touching moment for sure. I'm still wondering if the man was able to go home and have his anniversary burger. KML, my relative was treated and is doing just fine, thank you for asking!

ryan said...

Lol, the guy has charm.

Stinkypaw said...

Touching story!


I hope the guy is ok and so is the lucky woman...he sounds so romantic despite an illness...^^

Mr. Grudge said...

Love endures and blossoms many times in our lives, like perrenials in a garden. My parents took the time to fall in love all over again in the months before she died. Thanks for the touching vignette.

~Mike~ (Mr. Grudge)


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