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Oct 20, 2007

New Weekly Eavesdropping Meme!

. Oct 20, 2007


Taking your insightful comments to the next level, I would love to see how you'd continue these posts. I invite you to participate in my new weekly meme. Each Saturday I will post a conversation for the meme, provided I’ve heard one. Write your own ending and post it to your blog within a week by:

1. Copying the meme button code and paste it at the beginning of your post on the ‘edit html’ tab (for Blogger). Other services are similar and you’re probably familiar with how to do this if you’re using something more complicated than Blogger. The button is linked to my initial post that will open in a new window. Readers can click it and read the beginning of the story without leaving your blog. If you don’t want to bother with that, just create a text link to my post at the beginning of yours. My post will always briefly explain the meme for your readers.

2. Write your ending to the conversation however you’d like; as an observer, in first person, as one of the speakers, whatever!

3. Come back to my meme post, leave a comment using the ‘other’ option (not Blogger Account) and be sure to enter the link to your post as your URL. My blog is 'do follow', so your links will be recognized by search engines.

4. Read everyone’s stories and invite them to read yours!

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