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Oct 20, 2007

No Signal

. Oct 20, 2007


Eavesdrop Endings

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Readers: This is a weekly meme where readers continue this overheard conversation. After reading this post, please close the window to return to the participant's blog and their own unique ending!

Yesterday afternoon I drove to campus to purchase yet another package of material from the copy center my professor insists we need. I am trolling up and down the aisles in one of the larger parking lots, hoping to find a space amid the sea of parked cars. I carefully squeeze around several vehicles 'squatting' in the aisles. They stand off to one side waiting for someone to leave.

I'm about to maneuver around a squatting white sedan when I see a girl walking towards us. I wait behind the sedan, which has clicked its blinker to the left. The girl enters her car, break lights flash, she pulls out to her left, faces us and begins driving forward, clearing the spot. Suddenly, a yellow Hummer zooms in from the behind her and snatches the spot. The squatter pulls forward abruptly and repeatedly honks his horn. The male Hummer driver has already exited the car:

Squatter: Hey! Hey, asshole! That's my spot!
Hummer: No it ain't. It's mine now.
Squatter: What the hell? I was waiting for it. I was signaling -
Hummer: Shut the hell up you wanker, you little girl. Waaaa! That's my spot! Get back in your goon car and get outta here.
Squatter: You're an ass. You and your ugly car suck, jerk!

The Hummer driver is already walking away. He flips the bird to the squatter without a backward glance. The squatter stands frozen for a second, looks back at me and then back at the Hummer. Suddenly he turns, walks back to his car and retrieves a piece of paper. He walks toward the rear of the Hummer and writes the license plate down.

19 Whispers:

Alan said...

I vote revenge.

Vienne said...

Go squatter! Get him! Loved it, Alan. Thanks for participating. Also, I'm happy to see the link to your post via your name works perfectly. Thus the benefits of using the 'other' identity on Blogger blogs. Click you name and see. Vienne

shirley said...

What a cool idea. I'm at work right now, but when I get home tonight, I'll put it on one of my blogs.

Vienne said...

Thanks, Shirley. Looking forward to your ending!

Lisa McGlaun said...

Oh my gosh...well, you know I have to do this! What fun! Althought I might have to tailor my ending to fit my blog theme..can't exactly have the squatter go into a fit of murderous rage on my "positive" I might ask for help with your instructions..but I'll let you know if I can't figure it out. I'm so computer illiterate!

Vienne said...

Go for it, Lisa! Who knows what really happened. No limits to the imagination!

Doug said...

It'd be too bad if Mr. Hummer found one of his tires flat when he got back. I love passive agression.

eam said...

As You Sow so Shall You Reap...

This is my attempt at it. :-)


Vienne said...

Great twist, eam! I enjoyed your ending. Everyone please take moment to click over to eam's blog and read her ending to this conversation. Let her know what you think of how she handled the Hummer man or come back here and comment, as well. Click on her name and the post will open in a new window.

eam said...

So my depleting brain cells didn't fail me on this attempt! Many thanks again Vienne! It was real fun!

BURAOT said...

I will call my veteran friend and we'll have lunch. We'll put some explosives inside it and blow it to kingdom come.

For dessert, i'll call my tow company,have the hummer(whatever's left of it) removed to the junkyard, and then we'll have it squashed to the ground.

Filling don't you think?

Lisa said...'s up. I posted my positive ending. Go see what you think..:)

Vienne said...

That was uplifting, Lisa! Yours is the first positive ending. Nicely done. I enourage everyone to read all the participants' endings! It's really fascinating to see different imaginations at work.

Bubbles said...

Hi, I like
Lisa's ending the best. Afterall its just a parking lot. So let's not get violent and be positive.
(I like the twist in Eam's story but I do not endorse hurting someone )

Vienne said...

Hello Bubbles, thanks for reading the different endings! I'm hoping this meme will become great fun for writers and readers alike. I can see why you liked Lisa's happy ending. It's always encouraging when things turn out well. But life also has a dark underbelly. I welcome all types of endings to my story meme for that reason. Again, thanks for commenting!

Emmy said...

Your blog rocks! I love reading it. :)

Vienne said...

Thanks, Emmy! I love writing it.

Spirit said...

Wow, what a wonderful idea to get people writing. I just finished the NaNo and need a break for awhile but the next one of these that comes up- you can deffinetly count me in.
A wonderful blog Vienne. I'm glad I stopped by.

Vienne said...

Hey, thanks Spirit! Congratulations on your achievement with NaNoWriMo. I'm going to give it a shot one of these years. Hopefully I'll hear something delicious enough for another meme soon. Thanks for commenting.


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