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Sep 25, 2007

Puppet Masters

. Sep 25, 2007


Today I'm browsing in the designer bag area of Bloomingdale's in Orange County, just looking. The sales lady hardly takes me seriously; she seems to see right through to my practicality. She doesn't ask me if I need help, nothing. Two young 20's come near. Both girls are blond, one with long straight hair and the other with a short bob. Both wear mini skirts and t-shirts. One girl's top says, "Don't hate on me" with a princess crown graphic. The other carries a giant Louis Vuitton bag. Gold bangle bracelets clink with every move. "May I help you ladies?" the sales person says:

Bangles: Yeah. Let me see this one, please.
Lady: Oh, that's a lovely bag. You've got great taste!
Bob: Oooooh! I love it, Stacia! Do you love it?
Bangles: It's alright. Yeah, I like it.
Lady: It's very stylish, honey. Very classy.
Bangles: Yeah, it's cute. Okay, thanks. We'll be back later.

The girls go towards the wallets and I follow:

Bob: You didn't like it? You're not getting it?
Bangles: Nope. I'm gonna tell my dad I'm depressed and he'll give me $500 bucks to go shopping. We'll come back tomorrow.

Both girls continue looking at wallets and openly displayed bags. Bangles's huge Vuitton bag knocks into the edge of a display and two bags fall on the floor. She doesn't pick them up.

18 Whispers:

CQ said...

Wow, I think you found your own Paris and Nicole... Its funny, I was gonna say we don't have the same type in the UK but we do, they just don't tend to be millionaires.

Love the blog by the way, you've gone straight onto my blogroll. :)

People in the Sun said...

That's why non-fiction is better than fiction. You'd never get away with calling someone Stacia in fiction. Just too perfect.

Happily Anonymous said...

Can someone say spoiled? This is a girl who has daddy wrapped around her finger it looks like.

You always pick up on the most interesting conversations/situations.

Vienne said...

Hi Happily, spoiled to the nth power, for sure. I was a 'Daddy's Girl', but mostly in terms of attention, not this kind of nonsense.

Hello People, I guess you're right! My eavesdropping certainly entertains me. Sometimes I'm disgusted, sometimes I laugh, but I've never been left indifferent, like a bad fiction book can do.

CQ, thanks for the link! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. You cracked me up with your analogy - Paris and Nicole! We have a lot of 'beautiful people' here in California. And those giant bags, well, they're usually bigger than the girls who carry them.

kml said...

Typical little rich girl - too bad that money is all they ever really have.

BNS said...

I'm wondering if Bangles is not so much spoiled as neglected. Picture her telling her Dad she's depressed -- and he flips her the $500 bucks, not as an indulgence, but more like, "Here kid, now beat it."

Vienne said...

You know, that's a great point, BNS. I couldn't see past the priveledge and entitlement. You could be right on. What might make me even more inclined to think so, though, would be if she's said this about her mom. Maybe she gets attention from her mom and a pat on the head and cash from her dad. Not a very inviting atmosphere, in my opinion.

Lisa McGlaun said...


I didn't see what everyone one else commented on so far. I saw our consumer generation in action..could be because my mind is in that place. Just read a great post about it on another blog. This one dovetails it perfectly.

I actually feel sad for them. Life is not about big purses and manipulation...very sad.

The Writing Nag said...

that's just why I dislike those tv shows that glorify this. My Sweet Sixteen I think it's called.Way to start manipulating men in your life.Scary.

Vienne said...

Hi Lisa! You know, I think you've got an excellent tag line or bumper sticker there..."Life's not about big purses and manipulation". Or even a catchy description for a new blog!

Hello Nag, I hope you don't mind me calling you Nag? ;) I'm with you on those blasted TV shows. They're called 'reality TV'; not my reality, that's for sure.

DrowseyMonkey said...

I like that line, "not my reality". I too dislike those shows. As an old time feminist (actually I usually say old fart feminist) either way, I often get so frustrated on where my generation went so wrong with these girls. I really don't get it. As a teen we were so "anti" everything that to see girls so easily manipulated by marketing is so frustrating!

Thanks for this post...really got my juices flowing! lol

thewishfulwriter said...

i can not even begin to tell you how much i loathe these types of girls.

entitled twits.

but i guess they really aren't the ones I should be blaming. mommy and daddy are the real culprits.

my mother would have slapped me upside the head if I stated a desire for a $500 anything.

Vienne said...

Hi Wishful, our moms are very similar! Mine would have sent me for a walk of fresh air and told me not to come back until I returned to my senses. Actually, she would have come with me. I wonder if these silly gals ever spent time with their parents growing up or if they send Mother's Day cards to the nanny.

Brian said...

Now I for one love the big bags, and would do almost anything for one, but stooping so low by manipulating your parents? Even my generation doesn't do that! At least we're pretty straightforward with the whining, bargaining and begging.

Vienne said...

Hi Brian, I like your honesty! I'll take a straight shooter over a manipulator any day. Especially warped wrapping a parent around your finger, like you say. Yuck.


it happens to me, i seem to easily fall prey on luxuries but always find myself just dreaming about them, how i wish i could buy everything i want, it's not as easy as we think..."eye-shopping" as my students call it is sometimes satisfying^^

Anonymous said...

I work in designer handbags at Bloomies in South Coast... Ive got better stories, that is minor compared to some of the cougars i've had to deal with. None the less im glad someone else sees the shit we have to deal with!

Vienne said...

Hi Anon, how hilarious that you're so intimately aware of the scene of the crime! I'll tell you, I was a waitress all during college at a high-end dinner house and I thought those folks were trying. I can't imagine your clientele. You have my sympathy!


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