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Jul 24, 2007


. Jul 24, 2007


I've had a character in my mind born out of this Yaz song for about 20 years now. I hear such desperation and regret in these lyrics, send shivers down my spine. I should just bring her to life, already.

And now it's midnight
it’s raining outside
And I’m soaking wet,
still looking for that man of mine
And I ain’t found him yet
Well all of this rain can wash away my tears
But nothing can replace all of those wasted years
In all of this I tell you I have learnt
Playing with fire gets you burnt
And I’m still burning

1 Whispers:

Tricia said...

Lordy- haven't thought about Yaz for years. Upstairs at Erics, No??

Thanks for that- just wandering round your place...


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