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Jul 10, 2007

Magic Mirror

. Jul 10, 2007


I'm in a dressing room when two young female voices enter. They chatter back and forth, excited. Hangers clank on metal rods. Girlish laughter. The two crowd into one stall next to me. Zippers unzip, shoes are flung off. A cell phone rings, playing "Party Like a Rockstar" by Shop Boyz. The call's ignored.

Girl 1: I totally need jeans. So bad.
Girl 2: Me too, but I'm only getting shorts today. And my gloss.
Girl 1: Oh my god that makes me think of that song, 'my lip gloss is poppin', my lip gloss is cool!'
Girl 2: My lip gloss is gonna make me pop! Make Ryan pop!
Girl 1: This is soooo cute, but I don't wanna get any tube tops until I get my boobs. I cannot wait until the 28th!
Girl 2: I know. You are so lucky. Your parents are so cool. You're gonna look so hot for senior year!

I have to see these girls. I am long finished but wait in my stall until I hear their curtain slide open. They look just like I did at 17.

2 Whispers:

tselmende said...

I love this blog. I think how you capture these people...just posting what they say, without judgment, is wonderful. I will definitely be coming back, may I add you in Blog Catalog? I guess I add myself to your neighborhood?

Vienne said...

Yes, of course! Please add me if you like. You just join my neighborhood on BC. I will check out your blog, too. Also what you mention about posting without judgement, it is difficult for me to do, but important, I think. I don't want to ruin any reader's interpretation and I also want to leave options open for character development by not projecting my beliefs onto these people. It sure takes practice, for me!


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