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Dec 4, 2007

Child Channels Alicia Keys

. Dec 4, 2007


In between eavesdropping, I'll occasionally post about the wonders of creativity. I so appreciate it in so many forms - writing, singing, drawing, web design, a new medical treatment from creative research...and on. Creativity in a child can move me to tears sometimes. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because children are such reflections of their parents' love that when I see a confident, creative, vibrant child I feel the life force that lifts them up. This morning I saw creative talent I'm just compelled to share. Gabi Wilson is 10 years old. She plays her own instruments and sings her soul free. Please watch the video and be amazed by this young one's voice and spirit. Goodness is all around us.

You will need to tolerate a short ad before each clip -

Amazing 10-year-old musician
Singing Alicia Keys

This young girl has a musical gift!
On Bass Guitar

9 Whispers:

Emmy said...

I wish I had just a small amount of her talent :)

mikster said...

That is a very talented little girl.

LivingSouL said...

This girl is a talented one. I hope, if time will come for me to have a child, he/she'll have talents like that :)

Vienne said...

Hello livingsoul, isn't she amazing? I'm so glad you've left this comment! Everyone should give a listen to her beautiful voice and spirit.

Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

Wow! What an amazing gift! My daughter is seven and wants to learn to play the guitar. I wonder how her family developed her talents along the way, surely there were lessons involved to foster the natural talent.

Childrens Behavior Problems said...

Of course I am amazed by this young one's voice and spirit.Many thanks for these nice videos.I think her voice is God gifted.

Golf Vacations said...

What a nice voice.I love her voice.

hockey equipment said...

well, she is a little angel for me with great enthusiasm.No doubt she owned good qualities.

Baseball Cards said...

After watching the videos I must say that this little girl is having great talent and this talent can bring her success.


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