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Dec 7, 2007

A Calculated Risk with Santa

. Dec 7, 2007


I'm braving the holiday crowds in the mall. I take a quick break from my shopping list, buy a cinnamon pretzel and sit on the side of a planter. The line for free Santa Claus photos runs right past me and curls around the jewelry store at the corner of this wing. Children of all shapes and colors wait in line with their adults. Some are excited, others afraid, a few indifferent. The line inches forward and soon there is a toddler in front of me, wailing. She wears a red velvet dress, white tights with little green Christmas trees and black patent leather shoes. Her mother sighs, hands on hips. She tries to pick the child up, who lifts her arms straight up in the air and goes limp. Mom struggles with the dead weight.

A little boy, around four, is in front of them with his mother. He looks repeatedly at the crying girl and then peers to Santa, at least 15 kids away. He wears a red sweater vest, plaid pants and a tiny red bow tie. He grabs his mother's hand and turns to the whining girl:

Boy: Don't cry! Little girl, don't cry. (He looks at his mother, who smiles him on)
Girl: Looks briefly at the boy and continues to cry.
Boy: Stop crying! Santa doesn't like it. He doesn't like it when you cry.
Girl: Cries louder.
Boy: Hey, little girl? You can go before me? (He looks at his mom, who caresses his chin and nods in agreement to the girl's mom.)
Girl's Mom: Oh, that's so nice of you honey. Are you sure?
Boy's Mom: It's okay, go ahead. I've been there. (The pairs exchange places in line.)
Boy's Mom: That was very kind of you, baby.
Boy: It's good! Santa will like me more after her because I'm not crying.

16 Whispers:

Jamie said...

That was priceless! The things kids say and do :)

Suburbian Queen

mikster said...

lol...And such a young age to have developed a hidden agenda. Sounds like a good kid though.

mariam said...

Just found your blog! Love the recount of your stories. Keep up the great eavesdropping!

Pand0ra Wilde said...

To think he almost had angelic nailed right down...

Vienne said...

Hi Jamie, indeed out of the mouths of babes, huh? I think he might be a good defense attorney someday!

Hello Mikster, I liked your comment about a potential politician over at BC, too!

Welcome Mariam, I'm happy you enjoy my little overheard treasures. Thanks for commenting.

And welcome to you, Pandora Wilde. I think his mom was thinking the same thing! She laughed when he said that - kind of surprised plus amused type laugh. I also chuckled. It was an innocent manipulation (what an oxymoron!) and pretty clever, too.

Kate said...

LOL He sounds like he's going to have a bright future - if not in law in science, he certainly thinks logically.

clairec23 said...

What a class kid! He was right too ;)

Lovebabz said...

We get glimpses of the divinity through children all the time. This si the season of miracles...peace on earth goodwill toward people!
Happy Holidays!

Leann I Am said...

Sweet...but they always have their own agenda, eh?

Bubbles said...

That's really cute. How innocent children are, even if he had an ulterior motive, at least he warned the crying girl that Santa doesn't like children who cry :)
Happy Holidays!

Spirit said...

Hahahaha! I like the way that one ends. The first two thirds is sweet but the ending is a tad bit funny. Kids are growing up so fast these days. What a smart little tot. Thanks for sharing this it's made my day in more ways than you can believe. Heh, I have to go do some of that shopping today. Man, am I glad the cats don't want to see Santa for a pic.

Vienne said...

Happy holidays to you too, Bubbles! It's true, he did try to help her before leveraging himself!

Hi Spirit, hope you survive your shopping trip. It's rough out there. I would love to observe this little guy in kindergarden. Can you imagine?

ana said...

hahaha that was priceless. so cute.

Debo Hobo said...

Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. That was priceless

I love getting a pretzel in the mall. Not anymore though I am only there to walk and talk now. I have to get in shape for a wedding.

Vienne said...

They sure are, Debo. I love to eavesdrop on kids' conversations. They often make very good points! Best wishes for your wedding event...beware the cinnamon pretzels.

Grace said...

Love this! Just found your blog and I think I might be slightly addicted. Keep up the good work!


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