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Nov 24, 2008

What's on the Breast Feeding Menu?

. Nov 24, 2008


I am eating rotisserie chicken and hummus for dinner at a casual Mediterranean restaurant. The decor is brightened with vibrant colors I'd never think to combine - lime green, bright red, orange and deep brown. I realize how boring my home's walls are and look away from the canvas to the people around me.

The tables lining the restaurant's perimeter are a bit closer together than most would find comfortable, but after a short time most diners are lost in conversation anyway. This, as you might suspect, delights me.

Tonight, I'm eating alone and free to listen undisturbed by my companions. What an anti-socialist I am, I think to myself. Three quarters through my one-quarter white meat chicken, a family of four takes a table near the center of the room. Mom, Dad, toddler and baby settle in. I polish off the crispy wing of my bird and again look over at the family. In those few minutes past, the mom has deftly set up to breast feed her infant. She wears a nifty cover that wraps around her neck and tucks around the outside of baby's head and side. Only two little feet poke out the other end of the cloth.

The baby fusses a bit and a few high-pitched screams grab the attention of two little girls dining next to me with a young woman who is pregnant. The children are around five or six years old and sit next to each other, on my side of the bench, opposite of their guardian. One is frozen, chicken leg in hand, looking toward the screaming baby:

Girl 1: Mom! Why's the baby screaming?
Mom: He's probably hungry, sweetie. He has to eat, just like you need to eat your chicken.
Girl 2: He is loud!
Mom: Yeah, babies can be really loud, huh?
Girl 1: Why is he all covered up like that if he's hungry?
Mom looks back at the other mother and baby.
Mom: Well, um, his Mom is feeding him and she needs privacy.
Girl 1: How can she feed him if he's all covered up?
Girl 2: He's eating from her boobie. My brother ate from my mom's boobie, too. I saw it lots of times.
Girl 1 is silent and looks at her mother.
Mom: Honey, mommies' bodies make milk when they have babies and then the babies drink the milk from our breasts, like our kitties did with Snowy, remember?
Girl 1: Are you making milk for our baby?
Mom: Yes! And when I feed her I'll show you.

After some thought, the daughter makes a recommendation to her mom. "You should make chocolate milk. She will like it so much better than plain," she says.

9 Whispers:

Pallas said...

I saw the title of this post and thought "Oh, no. Another must-they-do-THAT-in-public article."

I was pleasantly surprised at the sensible conversation you overheard.


Rene' Morris said...

Aww! What a sweet conversation. Too cute!

Liz said...

This has me laughing SO loud right now.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

LOL! I was thinking the same thing as Pallas, and was about to get on my soap box.

Adorable story. It reminds me of when I had my youngest daughter. My son was 2 years old and very intrigued by the whole breastfeeding thing. When I would nurse her, he would go get his sister's babydoll and "nurse" it! My dad called one night while this was happening and asked what I was doing. I informed him I was breastfeeding the baby and his grandson was breastfeeding a doll. There was a huge guffaw of laughter after that statement ( - ;

erin said...

LOL love that.

Shelley said...

LOL! Out of the mouths of babes! So cute!

Mom On The run said...

Thanks for sharing that great conversation! My oldest daughter used to tell everyone that Brookie eats mommy's nipples.

ce-sexy said...


Fernando said...

lol, that was pretty funny


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