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Oct 1, 2008

Back in the Saddle

. Oct 1, 2008


I'm wondering if the bruise on my forehead will ever heal. Repeatedly banging my head on the wall while redesigning my blog template has really taken its toll on this otherwise hard-headed gal. It's with great relief and a small dollop of pride that I present to you Eavesdropping Blogger Version 2.0. I hope you find the new look creative and easy on the eye. Take a second and tell me if it floats your boat or not in my sidebar poll.

For a technical novice, it's been a long strange trip. But I've enjoyed challenging myself, well, except for breaking the panic threshold and resorting to the above-mentioned head banging. Even so, I discovered some very useful sites that you might investigate if you're considering remodeling. If you haven't already visited Blogger Buster, head over straight away. Amanda is the patron saint of Blogger blogs. Tons of excellent tips and code await you with instructions in plain English. Her site is why I still blog on the Blogger platform.

As you can see, I'm taking a stab at monetization, mainly because buying gas and food sucks off all my money for treats and entertainment. Although gas is much more useful, it doesn't taste nearly as good as fancy coffee drinks. Although food tastes better than gas, bread and butter just don't hold my attention like the latest thriller movie. Living paycheck to paycheck sure cramps my style. If you lost your job recently and don't even get a paycheck to complain about, please ignore this entire paragraph of whining as you have concerns more legitimate than coffee and movies. Accept my sympathies on that account.

In the interest of disclosure, the advertisements on my blog do contain my affiliate links. You probably already know that, but saying it straight out makes me feel less sleazy about it.

If you've been visiting for a few months, you know that my Dad had a rough summer with sudden poor health. After many tests and nearly as many stops and starts, we are finally heading down the right road with dialysis treatments for kidney failure - a tough diagnosis but one not without hope. So, thanks to readers who sent well wishes. He is doing far better now and I rejoice in that.

Finally and most importantly, a big thank you to all who continue spending time reading my blog. I find it remarkable and quite humbling that readers visit and comment on my material. This blog that began as a way to store my creative writing ideas has become a real source of inspiration, mostly because of your reactions to my observations. Thanks for that.

Now back to what you came here for, eavesdropping...

4 Whispers:

Rene' Morris said...

Oh...I like what you've done with the place. I am now subscribed to you in my Google Reader vs the other way. So if you've noticed that you've lost a reader from feedburner, you haven't. Not that you care what I'm doing.. (posting this after 2nd cup of coffee) Anyway, love the always!! Mine is due for a remodel as well so I'm going to check out the links you've shared.

South Florida Bus Dealer said...

I love what you have done with the site. I am sure it was a lot of work but I would say well worth it!! I will have to check out Blogger Buster to see what they have to offer to my site!!

VaishVijay said...

Hi, I've eavesdrop on my blog roll and I read it from my google reader. Good that you are active again:)

As you'd asked to vote on your new template, I visited your site. I suggest that you can change your heading font color as it doesn't show up (I keep my screen very dim)!

Vivienne said...

Hello Rene! Glad you like my chocolate template. I didn't even realize that those subscribed with Google reader won't show up in my Feedburner count. Now I get it! I just appreciate that you have subscribed, any which way.

Hi South Florida, Blogger Buster is my favorite site for tips and hacks. Amanda's instructions are clear as bells.

Thank you, Vaishvijay. I'm going to choose a new color for my header. Great to know that!


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