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Jul 28, 2008

How French Manicures Attract Boyfriends

. Jul 28, 2008


I'm exploring a new candy shop in an outdoor entertainment area down my street. No matter how old I become, I will always enjoy candy parlours because I have a permanent case of whimsy. This store is edible imagination. There are many giant barrels of sweets on the floor, vines of goodness hanging from the ceiling, every kind of jelly bean waiting to be dispensed and retro candy galore.

The store buzzes with customers, mostly children darting from one display to another squealing, "Mom! Mom!" for no particular reason. The air smells sweet and the shop feels happy. Even the employees seem to be enjoying themselves. They wear bright candy cane striped aprons. Some circulate sample trays to eager customers.

Chocolate people in a display case catch my attention. They are paper doll style. The mix and match clothes and accessories are made of sugar. Two young girls are picking out there candy dolls' clothing, which are glued on with hot sugar. Both girls are about six, have blond bobbed hair, wear shorts and sandals. They are white; one has sun-kissed legs and while the other is very fair. They each stand tipped-toed against the doll case as they pick their accessories. After the choices are made and the worker begins gluing, the girls relax a little and chatter together:

Tan: If they had nail polish, I would pick nail polish for my doll.
Fair: Yeah, me too. I would pick hot pink.
Tan: No, you should pick French. That's the very best one.
Fair: Why? What color is French?
Tan: It's white and clear. It's really fancy. And it makes you look expensive.
Fair: Why do you want to look expensive?
Tan: Because then you get better boyfriends. My Mom said. And it's true. She always gets more boyfriends when she has French nails. Finger AND toe nails.

The fair-skinned girl is silent. She glances at her own fingernails. The candy employee hands them their chocolate dolls in elaborate boxes just as an adult female joins them. "All ready, girls?" she asks as both children show their selections. As the tan girl continues telling the woman about her doll, the fair-skinned girl grabs the woman's hand and looks at her nails. They are painted rose pink. The girl presses her mother's hand to her cheek and smiles.

13 Whispers:

Gypsy at Heart said...

Smart little thing. This story of yours is so sweet. I wouldn't care either what color nail polish my mommy wore.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

This is great. This is also sad yet sweet.


Anonymous said...

Nice little post here, real entertaining

Karen said...

So cute. Kids pick up the craziest things. I keep my nails french at all times. Wonder what that says about me? LOL

Jules Viernes said...


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Vienne said...

Hi Gypsy and thanks. I felt relief in the little girl's smile when she checked her mom's nails. Seems like perhaps a big worry for a little girl, the boyfriends of mothers.

Hello Angie, yes, I thought her reaction was bittersweet also.

Thanks for commenting, dfrucci!

Karen, you can read my thoughts! I am fond of french manicures, but I also love bright red - especially one particular shade called "Lolita". Hhhmm...

Hi Jules and thanks for your inquiry. I'll be in touch soon.

Beth said...

Is that true though? Does Fresh nail polish make girls look expensive?

Thanks for the entertaining post

Karina said...

love this post. kids are real funny things sometimes. :)

Sarah said...

I too felt the little girl's relief at seeing her mother's pink nails as if realizing, "Mommy is staying true to Daddy."

hockey equipment said...

I am surprised at the chattering of the little girls.How clever they are? Well,I enjoyed the each word from this post.There is something true in their thoughts .

Basketball Games said...

I do agree that a good manicures can attract a boyfriend .Thanks for sharing a nice article .

Vivienne said...

Hey Hockey Equipment, Basketball Games, Golf Vacations and whatever site you throw up next, how about you stop spamming my blog?

Thai said...

I am French and I don't even know where french manicure came from!!! It's like French Fries!!!


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