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May 31, 2008

Last Night's Sex

. May 31, 2008


I bought our tickets early in the morning, left work before 5 p.m. and drive up to a completely packed parking lot. After circling for 10 minutes, boom, a beautiful space near the front of the aisle. I'm way early and feeling good about taking my responsibility as seat scout seriously. As I wait in my car for 6:30 to roll around, throngs of young women pass by. Most walk briskly, some run toward the movie theater.

I'm here for the Sex and the City movie premiere. I convinced my two girlfriends it's absolutely necessary to see it on Southern California's opening night and thus, became the seat scout by default. No complaints, it's worth it to me. So, while we're enjoying a night of girl talk with our friends Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha (my favorite) and Miranda, our boyfriends will have just as much fun watching sports and bumping chests together. Life is good.

At 6:30, the line forms for our 7:15 show. I leave my car and happily take my place, fourth in line. It's a literal fashion parade. Girls in sundresses and little sweaters sashay by, every hair in place (the Charlottes). Ladies in edgy outfits with big flower pins or long dangling necklaces prance along the line (the Carries). Women with plunging necklines and tight mini skirts or white Capri pants going commando walk their boobs past me (the Samanthas). Chicks in jeans and fitted cotton tops with flat ironed locks march purposely to the end of the line (the Mirandas).

My friends arrive and we play a fun game of "fake or real". The ratio's about 3:1, fake. The two movie goers behind us in line laugh once they catch on to our game. They each wear a hot pink boa around their neck:

#1: Oh my god. Oh MY GOD! This is so much fun.
#2: Yes! I totally feel like one of the girls tonight.
#1: It's gonna be great. It's gonna be fabu.
#2: I just hope Carrie and Big finally just get married already.
#1: I mean, hello? After all he's put her through?
#2: Ugh, that Big boy....hahaha!

I take great delight in pushing my more conservative girlfriend's chin up to close her slightly open mouth. "Those boys are wearing pink boas," she whispers.

6 Whispers:

DrBurst| College Intention said...

didn't they over book the permire. Did you see anyone who got to miss out? Did they look angered?

Kenyatta said...

I absolutely love your blog!

Vienne said...

Hi Drburst, our 7:15 pm show was sold out by 6 p.m. I sure did see a lot of ladies walk up to the box office with similing faces turn around and stomp off.

Hello Kenyatta and thanks a lot! I enjoyed your blog and witty writing style. I plan to visit regularly. I especially liked your Prozac post ;)

Jennifer said...

The overbooked premiere was at Radio City Music Hall in NYC 3 days before the movie opened.

Manictastic said...

Okay, that was funny.

Anonymous said...

This is great..... I like your blog so much.......

Better Sex

Keep up the great work!!!!


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