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Jan 31, 2008

Rudeness Jeopardizes Your Food

. Jan 31, 2008


After a year of insisting Monster energy drinks will explode my heart, I drank one yesterday in desperation. I was falling asleep in front of my computer monitor at work after a restless night of hacking and wheezing. There's no turning back now; I am in the 7-11 convenience mart for another today.

I see the tops of brown-haired heads gathered in the next aisle over as I walk down mine toward the cold cases. The girls talk and I hear youthful giggles. I select just one Monster can, close the case and turn to walk down their aisle. They are Hispanic teens deciding between different flavors of sunflower seeds. One is talking about her shift in the drive-through. Not expecting much, I circle the Twinkies and Ding Dongs at the aisle's end and come back up the adjacent one. I'm confronted with toilet paper, napkins and paper towels. Taking particular interest in quilted two-ply, I kneel down and listen to the girls on the other side:

Voice 1: Man, I hate that job. It sucks!
Voice 2: Haha! 'Hi would you like to try our macho tostado today?" Haha!
Voice 1: Shut up!
Voice 3: Yeah! 'How about a combo, today?'
Voice 1: Whatever. Drive-through sucks. Damn people are rude, you know?
Voice 2: So mess their order up or something! What are they gonna do, drive back from home?
Voice 3: Yeah! What are they gonna do? Why do you take it?
Voice 1: Well you know what? Sometimes? If they're a total jackass we tear their taco shells.
Voice 3: What?
Voice 1: You know, split the shell down the middle a little bit. Then wrap it up and -
Voice 2: Oh! Ha! Then they go to eat it and crash!
Voice 3: Yeah, the whole thing falls apart! You know that's messed up, man, when you go to eat a taco and it breaks all up. People are so rude, though. They deserve it.
Voice 1, 2, 3: Hahaha!

21 Whispers:

Matt Maddox said...

Pfew for some reason I was expecting much worse. I usually take care of breaking my own taco shells anyway.

Angie said...

Two sides to every story here, eh? For every example of someone having a bad experience with the staff, the staff has similar reciprocal experiences.

Vienne said...

Matt, same here, on both accounts! I was certain she was going to mention something involving saliva.

Hi Angie, similar to a reaction for every action. That's a good thing to remember, although it's easy to forget.

Anonymous said...

They break the shells?! Those shell-breakers! Well, that's much better than what I was thinking. I thought maybe they peed or spit in the food. However, I suppose they couldn't really pee in the food with all those other workers around them. And, it would probably look weird if one of them took a customer's food to the restroom.

At any rate, I now know that if I get a taco with a broken shell that I must have angered someone.


PhiRatE said...

Monster cans! nooo! if your heart explodes there won't be any more posts 8(

Daisy said...

Just as I always suspected!

Selene said...

I was expecting them to mess up the order on purpose. Like add cheese and lettuce when they said mustard only.

Beth said...

I thought they are going to spit on the food lol. eeewww.. that would be gross.

digital chatter said... know what? I am two minutes from McDonalds, etc. I am one who drives back, so watch out girls!

Mimi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mimi said...

I'm so glad they didn't say what I thought they were going to say!

You have a really great blog.

cardiogirl said...

Sadly, I must admit when I worked at Arby's back in college, I thought about doing something like that. But I didn't.

However, another guy who trained me, told me when the line was really long and you were filling drinks a quick way to reduce the bubbling of the drink was to PUT YOUR FINGER INSIDE THE DRINK.

He explained further, that the salt from your skin stops the bubbles from the carbonation, thereby allowing you to fill the cup faster.

No, I never did that either.

But I saw him do it on Football Saturday. Repeatedly.

Bob Johnson said...

Wow, I just bought a taco last week and it was broke, I don't think I was rude,lol. gonna have to watch what I say.

Mama, please said...

This was tame but brought a smile to my Monday morning face.

bluecrystaldude said...

I suddenly remember a movie calls waiting ( ewww...

Talina said...

Yep, be kind to the people serving your food, you never know what they do to it.. :-o

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

This makes me not want to eat out. LOL.

Your posts are always fun to read!

Hugs, JJ

Linda said...

Holy Hot Pocket! Thanks for the warning. I'll keep that in mind, next time I grab a taco-to-go at the drive-through window. Don't want to wear my lunch . . . or lose it! ;-)

Marce said...

Just found your site. Love this post, I will remember this next time I am having a bad day.

DAVID said...

I once overheard a woman shouting: "I want to push her onto a table and cut her head off!"

...I was disturbed.

The problem for businesses is that the owner is liable for the behavior of their employees. So the taco workers are saying this, but it could get 'em their boss in real trouble.

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erp said...

I actually worked at McD 24Hrs before and I admit that the workers that work at that Drive-Thru part there also were as rude as this! no doubt ya'll.


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